Parent Feedback

Here is some of the written feedback we received from parents in 2016-17:

Our Crossroads worker was nothing short of amazing.  She was so kind and helpful, organized and efficient.  This experience has not only helped my family communicate better but it has brought us closer.  Our home is more peaceful and for that I am so eternally grateful.  Crossroads exceeded my expectations!  I feel so grateful to have had the chance to receive such needed help for my family and for myself.  All of the workers I was in contact with were so helpful and so wonderful.  Words really cannot express the gratitude we all have for our workers and the opportunity to work with Crossroads.  I would recommend them to any and everyone with children.  Absolutely incredible place!

Thank you for helping ‘us’ get our family back.  We have moved from the bleakest of homes full of anger to feeling happy, confident and working together through disagreements without the previous all too familiar daily explosions that had become our norm.  I’m in awe of how much CPS truly does work when given the chance.

This program was very helpful for the whole family.  Definitely recommend it.  The service provided to us by our worker was excellent.  She understood very well our needs.  Her service plan was very well developed and implemented.  Thanks to her we have seen an improvement with regards to the behaviour issues of our son.  Now as parents we better understand how to deal with communication and behaviour issues.    We are sad that the services provided by Crossroads are coming to an end.  The service exceeded our expectations. Our worker has given us tremendous help and support in order to better face and deal with our problems.  She dealt with our issues with professionalism, efficiency and great knowledge.  Thank you so much!!!!  Child’s comment:  I think Crossroads is extremely helpful.

The care and compassion for my family has been outstanding.  The services provided along with my individual counselling have been life altering (for the better) for our family.  Thank you for showing us that we aren’t alone and that people can change given new tools.

CPS has helped my son and I very much.  It keeps me a lot more calm and helps my son be calm.  Our worker was amazing.  He helped my son and I very much!!  I would highly recommend him to anyone.  Very grateful for his help!! He is very thorough and a great listener.  I feel the service was done exactly in a way that would help anyone in need.  I would like to continue to see our worker in the future if maybe we need some help with new transitions, ie: new school/sleep away camp.  Just want to say a big thank you!!

I was extremely pleased with all aspects and can think of nothing I would change.  I am extremely grateful for this wonderful and professional services.  As a result, a once very troubling situation that made our family feel isolated and somewhat hopeless no longer feels so dire; we now feel very optimistic and look forward to continued improvement.  Thank you CCC and mostly of course thank you to our worker.

The intake interview was a relief.  It is nice to have someone to unload a little bit of how difficult and crazy life can be when you have a spirited and challenging child.  It’s nice to be listened to and I am very happy I have taken these steps to get us some help.

I have been learning to use empathy and to give myself permission.  My son has been more open about expressing his feelings and it is in a much healthier way.  I have been learning to listen and create healthy boundaries.  My child was having difficulty with one of the teachers at school.  My service provider called the teacher on our (son/my) behalf to explain some of the difficulties my child is dealing with.  This was during a time when I didn’t know how to be a worthy advocate for my child.  I am very appreciative and grateful for the actions of my Crossroads worker.

CPS definitely helped us as parents to look at problem solving in a different way.  CPS also gave us the tools to communicate in a more positive and effective manner with each other.  We were very involved in the service planning, very much a team effort between our Crossroads worker and the family.  We have noticed a remarkable difference in our son’s behavior, as well as our abilities in dealing with daily situations.  Not “perfect” but definitely a work in progress!  We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Crossroads!  Our worker was very family centered and made us feel like we were working together as a team.  Although there were some challenging moments we definitely learned a lot and had a very positive experience with Crossroads.