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Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre is working to improve timely access to care.

Providing prompt and efficient services within our community is always our goal. We are working to change how quickly we meet with individuals and families, and the way we offer our services.

To get started please call us at 613-723-1623 x 232.  We will happily answer all of your questions and explain next steps (listed below).  All of our services are free of charge.

The first step is a Choice Appointment.

What is a Choice Appointment?

A Choice Appointment is your first appointment with one of our mental health professionals.  This is typically a phone meeting where the Crossroads worker can:

  • Find out more information about the mental health problem that has you concerned;
  • Explain the variety of services and interventions available at Crossroads so you can make informed decisions;
  • Work together to develop a Choice Point.

What is a Choice Point?

A Choice Point is a goal that you want to work towards. Your choices might involve:

·        Group or individual treatment;

·        Appointment times that fit your schedule.

What happens next?

Soon after your Choice Appointment, we will send you a letter. This letter will review what you have discussed with us and outline the Choice Point (goal) you have reached.

Note:  Some find the Choice Appointment is all the help they need, but if that isn’t the case for you we will work with you to decide which services make sense.  There are situations where other resources in the community are better suited to a family’s needs. We will advise you, and if Crossroads is your best fit then we will schedule a Partnership Appointment.

What is a Partnership Appointment?

“Partnership” refers to the partnership between you (and your child) and Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre.  This is where we match your situation to the Crossroads worker with the most suitable skills and experience in that area.  This person will become your Key Worker, and together you will develop a schedule for visits.

Give us a call at 613-723-1623 x 232 to book your Choice Appointment.

Another option is our mental health walk-in clinic.   It is open Wednesdays from 9am-noon,

and Thursdays from noon-8pm (last session 6:30pm)