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Parent Feedback

At the end of treatment and/or a walk-in clinic visit, we ask parents for feedback.  Here are just some of their comments:


I appreciate our worker taking the time to communicate with the school and attend a meeting there.  It was helpful to have an advocate for us there.  She has been a great support these past few months.  You are a much needed organization in this community and many parents would have little place to turn without you.

Our worker was very flexible and understanding of my needs, which made things so much easier. I enjoyed the program, it helped me become more confident in what I was doing and how I was approaching problems with my daughter.  This program really helped and was very supportive of my family.  I especially liked that my worker was understanding of my depression and anxiety, and always made me feel like there was a lot of flexibility when it came to accommodating it.

Thank you for all your professional non-judgmental advice, your flexibility and your recommendations.   The in-home treatment option you offer is extremely helpful. If you hadn´t come to our place at a time convenient for us, most probably we wouldn´t have been able to participate in the program at all. The discharge report was very useful as a continuous reminder of what we should keep doing.

Our worker was absolutely fantastic; he made the plans relatable and the way he communicated with my daughter was a joy to watch and we learned so much on how to improve our own communication.  Both he and the program were so effective and we’ve certainly benefited.  Changing our way of approaching a challenging situation, or addressing an emotional obstacle has benefited our family immensely.  Watching the model of communication and scenarios created has given us the tools to thrive and to let her be the best version of herself possible.

Our worker was such a pleasure to work with.  Very open minded, patient and approachable.  Very thorough.  She helped us communicate as a whole family more effectively, which in turn allowed us to get insight on how to help our daughter.  Our worker was very patient with us and explained and taught us CPS.  We learned as a family that we weren’t communicating at all, and our children didn’t know what to expect a lot of the time and this was creating lots of anxiety.  Prior to CPS, both kids didn’t want to go to school or extra-curricular activities.  Now, both kids are happily attending and enrolled in several after school activities.  I learned self-care is very important so I can feel grounded and be present for my kids.

Our worker kept me on track even when my brain was scattered.  She was very calm and reassuring.  She has given me great confidence for the future and my abilities to parent effectively.  She was truly helpful and provided great advice and strategies.  She even accommodated my need for written reminders.  My worker, in my opinion, is a true asset to your team.  I become emotional when I think of the ways she has helped me and my sons.  Thank you, I will definitely miss our meetings.


The staff are incredible.  I am thankful for the relationship they’ve developed with both my child and I. You did a great job with my son!

I felt that the program was committed to supporting the parental needs as much as the child’s needs.  My son was fortunate to have the support that was provided him.  He felt safe, accepted and supported.  We parents did not need to worry sending him to the Frank Ryan/Crossroads daily school program.  We have been supported, as a family, through Crossroads for many years and have only positive things to say.  Both about the program’s approach in dealing with our son and in the people working for Crossroads.  Thank you!  Child’s comments:  I feel safe and not in trouble.

Child’s comments:   I enjoyed working with my Crossroads’ worker at school.  It was very helpful.  I think my worker is a good person.  She was direct about my behaviour.  She made me think that my mom likes me and that my mom is trying to help me.

I believe your day school program has done absolute wonders for my son.  He has really grown in a very positive direction.  Relating to the zones of regulations is fantastic for both child and parents.  Recognition of just what zone he is in and redirecting him before his temper escalates is what it’s all about.  He has come a long way and that mostly is due to the sincere love and care from his Crossroads child & youth worker, his teachers, and his E.A.  Thank you!!  (you three have hearts of gold and have had a strong positive impact in my son’s life and direction.  Truly!  Thank you!

If someone asked me about the program, I would tell them that the kids are more relaxed and the staff is very understanding and supportive.

I didn’t think my son would ever want to go to school again.  But he loves your program and he didn’t want to leave.  I am glad you guys prepared enough for him to transition on.  I am so happy to see all the gains he has made with you guys.  I am certainly amazed.  Child’s comments:   I don’t want to go but I know that I am ready to leave.  I will miss you guys.  I will always want to come back to see you guys and I will always call.


The service my daughter received was excellent.  She felt very comfortable with the Crossroads therapist and enjoyed meeting and talking with her.  My daughter has come a long way thanks to her.  I would highly recommend any parent that has a child with anxiety/panic or mental health issues to bring them to Crossroads because the service is wonderful.

Our therapist really helped my daughter to open up in a way that made her feel comfortable.  She didn’t push her, but rather used examples to relate to the discussion to ease her, and get her to open up.  It worked.

My daughter really benefited from therapy.  She now has the tools she needs to keep herself happy and in a good place. Coming to Crossroads has really made her outlook and perspective on life (in regards to her father) better.  She is much calmer and happier, and positive.  She is able to get through a negative situation by talking it out with herself, and shows no lasting emotional effects.  I am so proud of how far she has come.  Crossroads is amazing.

I really enjoyed meeting with my Crossroads therapist.  She is genuinely interested in listening and helping equip families with the tools we need to succeed in understanding one another.  I felt validated and I loved her approach with my daughter.

This program really helped my family ALOT.  Our counsellor was amazing at making my daughter feel comfortable and heard, but mostly understood.  This gave us exactly what we needed in the process of helping my child/family.


I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Thank you for being so understanding.

I was provided with extremely helpful parenting information and new ideas about how to try to find solutions to the struggles I’ve been having with my children.  I feel a renewed sense of hope that our family can get stronger.

This visit helped me more than I could ever have imagined!!

I had been trying to find help for my son and my family for several months and was feeling lost and hopeless. I attended the walk in clinic at Crossroads where I was welcomed, listened to, and made to feel like I was not alone anymore. The service I received was so professional and helpful that it re-ignited hope in me that my family and I will be able to make tangible improvements to our lives.

We came in confused and unsure of where to go or what to do.  We are leaving with a better understanding of our son’s needs and an action plan.  We feel relieved.

This has been an excellent experience. I had heard such great things about Crossroads and I am so glad I came to the walk in. The staff were very friendly and understanding. I feel very fortunate to have Crossroads in our community. I leave here today with a great plan to help my son and my family and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for everything you do for families in our community.

Thank you for the open, professional help.  It was very helpful!  I felt comfortable to be there and I didn’t feel judged because of what brought me there.

Thank you so much for meeting with us and providing us with resources.  Crossroads provides wonderful services for families, and you came highly recommended.