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The Child-Centered and Family-Focused Approach

Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre team members understand that when a child is struggling, the entire family is affected. Providing help to children means also helping their caregivers (parents or guardians) to develop the skills and strategies to support the child’s progress towards mental health.

We work in partnership—with the child’s caregivers and the child — to determine the needs of the child and family, and to develop an individualized plan for treatment and supports most appropriate to meeting those needs.

It is our belief that children and families do well if they can. In this way, our services for children and families are also “strengths-based”—based on the recognition that every child and family has strengths that can be nurtured and built upon to improve mental health and family relationships.

To refer a child or for additional information on Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre  programs, please contact Intake at 613-723-1623, extension 232.