Day Treatment

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Day Treatment

Education and treatment for children in the classroom.

Day treatment is a one to two-year program for children who, because of their mental health concerns, are unable to be successful in a regular classroom. Working in partnership with M.F. McHugh Schools, Crossroads operates five classrooms at Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate School. The day treatment team provides a combination of education and mental health treatment, so children can build skills that will help them return to — and thrive at — their community school.

Depending on the child’s needs, we will work with them to develop social skills, self-regulation skills, and problem-solving skills. We may also provide more intensive treatment for serious anxiety and other mental health problems.

Crossroads believes in child-and-family-centered care. Because families are critical to their child’s success, parents/caregivers are valued partners in all aspects of their child’s care. Parents/caregivers participate in setting goals and developing treatment plans. At times, parent/caregiver skill training or family therapy may be offered in combination with day treatment programming.

Accessing day treatment at Crossroads 

Referrals for day treatment are made through Coordinated Access & Referral by the school boards. Parents/caregivers who believe their child would benefit from day treatment in a school setting should contact the principal of their child’s school.