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System of Care

Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre also participates in the System of Care (SOC) Community of Practice, developed by the Child & Youth Mental Health Network.

A System of Care is:

  • Comprehensive system of care for children and adolescents with a severe emotional disturbance
  • Comprehensive range of mental health and other necessary services which are organized into a coordinated network (multiple domains)
  • Collaboration and development of partnerships between and among service providers
  • Innovative ways to meet the multiple and changing needs of the children and families served.

Core Values Inherent in a System of Care

  1. Child centered & family focused
  2. Community-based
  3. Culturally competent

Guiding Principles of a System of Care:

  • Children have access to a comprehensive array of services
  • Services are individualized
  • Services are received within the least restrictive environment
  • Families are included as full participants
  • Services are integrated and coordinated
  • Case management is provided to ensure service coordination and system navigation
  • The system promotes early identification and intervention
  • Children with severe emotional disturbances (SED) are ensured a smooth transitions to adult services when they reach maturity
  • The rights of children with SED are protected
  • Children with SED receive services regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, physical disability, or other characteristics.