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Walk-In Clinic Evaluation Results

Walk-in Clinic:  Here is some of the written feedback we received from parents in 2016-17:

Walk-in was excellent.  I got in and was able to meet with someone that not only understood the issues we are having with our kids, but was able to give me tools that would fit into our everyday lives and routines.  I appreciated feeling heard and validated, and that we are not the only ones that have these issues.  Thank you to the entire team.  I’m happy our family doctor referred me to you.

What a beautiful, comfortable and comforting experience.  Obviously, coming in, I was very stressed, confused and upset but this meeting has made me feel so much more prepared, normal and ready to face these issues.  Everyone I dealt with was just lovely and reassuring and gave me helpful and useful advice and ideas.  I’m so happy I came.  Thank you!!

The session I attended was extremely helpful in clarifying my child’s issues and ways I can help her.  The person I talked to was very understanding and patient.  She gave excellent advice and was able to relate it to my situation.  I did not feel rushed and was given an opportunity to speak about all our issues.  I will definitely recommend Crossroads to other parents.  Thank you.

Thanks for talking to our family.  It was so interesting to hear our son open up to you and to hear his perspective on some of the concerns he has.  We feel like this was a great step forward.

The person we talked to was very supportive, understanding and helpful, as were all the staff we interacted with.  My son felt heard, cared about, that he is worth helping and that his difficulties are not his fault.

This was such a positive experience.  I was feeling anxious about coming but a telephone chat put my mind completely at ease about this being the right place.  We felt so welcomed and comfortable, and having toys for my toddler was terrific too!  (So I could take my time and talk.)  The person I talked with was very helpful, empathetic and kind and I feel like there is a beacon of light for us.  Thank you so much.  I feel so relieved and hopeful.

Thank you for seeing us today.  My daughter just told me she feels so much better.  It is very helpful to have others listen and give ideas and suggestions.  I often feel like I’m at a dead end, but when we come here it gives me hope.  Thank you for everything.

Excellent experience.  I feel like I have some real tools to go forward with.  I wish I had brought my husband, because now I have to try and explain to him what I’ve learned.  I really appreciated knowing the format of the sessions upfront.

Our visit was very successful.  Our worker was great, really understanding and helpful.  It was really weird at first to come and share, but she was reassuring and helped me find solutions.

Very welcoming and understanding.  Great strategies to take home and try.  I liked the way my child was involved and how his opinions were asked.

Thank you so much for both listening and given great advice.  It’s a nice feeling knowing someone is taking you seriously and understanding what you’re going through!

The whole process was very efficient and well laid out.  We were able to take our time and have very open productive conversations.  We also received some very good options and methods for dealing with the issue.

Thank you so much for allowing me to talk freely and giving me many opportunities to ask questions or express concerns.  Knowing that this place exists and that I can get help is very reassuring.  I will use and follow your suggestions.  The best thing I learned today is the perspective that my child is at a certain developmental stage, and also to worry about just today.  I’m really glad I found you.  Many thanks!

I felt welcome, heard, and understood.  My son was more comfortable there than places we visit weekly.  I really like that we were given a summary and next steps, as it was hard to remember everything.  I also liked that I wasn’t rushed.